C.I.M.A. S.p.A.
Jam & Similar Trade and Industry
Cimitero Street no.3
Massa Lombarda

First jam jar created by C.I.M.A. srl

The company was born in 1947 in Massa Lombarda on the basis of the long acquired experience of sirs Amedeo Foletti, Giovanni Mazzini, Lino Giovannini and Dante Azzaroli in a industry of the field. In 1953 receded from the society Mr. Lino Giovannini and in the 1958 Amedeo Foletti yields its share to Azzaroli and Mazzini.

The holders, in addition to jams production, manufacture and conserve fresh fruit for the industrial use. In 1954, suspended jams production, they provided and develop fruit preservation and, in 1959 they begin to have own profits.

 to be continued